It started with a dream.. #IPWR2019

DSC00092 2.jpg

To say the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race caught my attention would be an understatement – 7 days into the race and I’m
obsessed. I’m checking Instagram at work and throwing out likes as if I need them to breathe. I get home from work and start watching videos on youtube. This race has everything for me –
solo & unsupported (and a good reason to buy lots of toys),
an over-the-top challenge and across my country – a country I’m yet to fully see and appreciate for how beautiful it is.

This will be a 2yr journey – my longest ride to date is 90kms in an Ironman – I’ll need to do 60x that just to finish plus deal with the heat, hills and hunger along the way.

I cannot yet imagine what training I would need to undertake but I’m going to need to strengthen everything. I can buy lightweight gear or I can drop the extra 18kgs I’m carrying. I’m going to need to work on mindfulness and dealing with the monotony of riding for 6-10hrs at a time in training with long rides of up to 16hrs on back-to-back
Saturday and Sundays. Which songs and movies will make my playlists – I’m assuming everything and still it won’t be enough.

So many questions to ask, so many answers to find, so many
decisions to revisit but for now all I know is everything great starts as a dream and you will only get there if you get started…

For now #IPWR is a 2019 story but if I can’t raise the funds for #Worldmarathonchallenge then it’ll be a 2018 story….